Play OnMic Games and Get Snacks Package😆

Time: Jun.21 – Jun. 28

📚Event Rules: the top 5 participants will get the yummy snacks care package from OnMic.

How to Join:

1/ Join this group chat:

(Or message Admin: Maki-Rain to invite you in the group chat.)

2/ Play games on OnMic everyday, and take a screenshot of the “Game Over Page”. Share this screenshot in the above group chat.

Game Over Page

3/ The 5 participants share the most different “game over page” screenshots will get the snacks care package.

4/ Tips for you: share the “game over page” screenshot on Facebook to all your friends and share your post in the group chat. It equals to 3 “game over page” screenshots! (Every participant can use this for only once.)


1st Prize * 1

Korean Snacks Package

2nd Prize * 1

Premium Box

3rd Prize * 3

Dipdip Box

We’ll have more events in the future, please stay tuned!

If you have any question, please contact: