OnMic Roblox Voice Room Contest

Hi OnMicers, OnMic is going to hold a “Roblox Voice Room Contest”. The top 5 hosts will receive a $20 (USD) Roblox Gift Card each. The gift card can be used to buy Robux (1 gift card can buy about 1700 Robux)!


1/ From Jan.12th to Jan. 19th 2022, the top 5 Roblox voice room hosts with the most cumulative number of audiences will be awarded.

2/ The contestants must create a public room without a password.

3/ The contestants should post the screenshot or the room ID of his/her Roblox voice room in the [Roblox Voice Room Contest] Channel of the Roblox Fan Club (Club ID 544). The official administrators will check data in the background one by one.


1/ Room creating time must be from Jan. 12th to 19th 2022,otherwise the host cannot participate this contest.

2/ The voice room gaming type must be Roblox,otherwise the host cannot participate this contest.

3/ The host must play Roblox with all audiences in the voice room, not just chat. OnMic official administators will monitor the content.

4/ The prize will be awarded only to the host.


1/ $20 (USD) Roblox Gift Cards *5

2/ The top 5 hosts will be showed on the home page banner on OnMic. Every OnMicer will know you are one of the most popular host!

Winners will be announced on Jan.20 2022. Please stay tuned!