OnMic One-game Limited Weeks

From July 7, OnMic will start the 3-week “One-game limited weeks”, for OnMicers can better gather together in one type of game!

Week3 [July 25. – July 31]: Week of Draw & Guess

Event 3: OnMic Artist Contest [July 26 – July 31]

Check details of this event by the link below 👇:

OnMic Artist Contest Poster

Past Events 👇

Week1 [July 11 – July 17]: UMO’s Week (Past Week)

Event 1: Play UMO and Get Free Robux [July 12 – July 17]

Check details of this event by the link below 👇:


UMO’s Week Event

Winner Announcement of Event 1👇:

Week2 [July 18 – July 24]: Exploding Kittens’ Week (Current Week!)

Attention: Currently, Exploding Kittens is only available on Android device. iPhone users can play Deminers which is similar to Exploding Kittens.

Event 2: Exploding Kittens Contest [July 19 – July 24]

Check details of this event by the link below 👇:

Exploding Kittens Contest

Special Event 1: Talk with Celimush 2.0 (7pm-8pm, July 23)

Check deteils: https://www.onmicapp.com/blog/influencer-talk-with-youtuber-celimush-2-0/

Special Influencer Event

[Problems you may have during the one-game 3 weeks]

You may notice that you can’t complete some daily tasks in the Task Center 👇:

Task Center

Don’t worry, all functions will be back on August 1st. But if you want some rewards by playing OnMic games, I’ll give you some secret tips: send the “Game over page” of 1 kind of game to OnMic Admin Maki-Rain (OnMic ID: 176482) for 3 days in a row, the Admin will give you 3 OnMic Gems as the reward. Try it now!

Enjoy the 3-week one-game limited weeks!

If you have any question, please contact: support@onmicapp.com