[OnMic New Games] OnMic Exploding Kittens Released!

Exploding Kittens is a well-known card game. OnMic launched a simplified and free version of this game.

Update OnMic and try a round (Google Play Store only for now)👇:


In the OnMic free Exploding Kittens game, there are 11 different cards only. And the game is easy but exciting and funny. The best way to know how to play exploding kittens is to play a round.

OnMic Exploding Kittens Card Types


You may end each round by drawing a card. You can play function cards first and then draw a card from the deck pile, or you can also draw a card directly and end your round.

If you drew an exploding kittens, you must play “Defuse” to save yourself. If you don’t have a “Defuse”, then you’re out.

So, use other function cards to make yourself stay away from exploding kittens, or try to get more Defuse cards.

😎Cards Introduction:

🐱 [52 cards in total]

1/ Exploding Kitten * 5 : unless you have a Defuse card, you’ll die if you drew this card.

2/ Defuse * 7 : use when an Exploding Kitten is touched to defuse it.

3/ Skip * 8 : immediately end your turn without drawing a card.

4/ Favor * 4: force any other player to give you 1 card from their hand.

5/ Shuffle *4: shuffle the deck pile thoroughly and randomly without viewing the cards.

6/ See the future * 4: peek at the top 3 cards from the deck pile.

7/ Reverse * 4 : skip the draw and change the order.

8/ Bottom card * 4 : draw the last card of the deck pile.

9/ Pick * 4 : pick a card from any other player’s hand.

10/ Attack *4 : skip the draw and force any other player to take 1 turn.

11/ Discard * 4: force any other player to discard a card from their hand.

🥰Exploding Kittens will be your favorite card game. Fun game with cute kitties, you’ll love it!

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