[OnMic Event] Play UMO and Get Free Robux!

[Event Time ]

July 12 – July 17

[🎁 Rewards ]

The 3 OnMic users with the most points get $10 Roblox Gift Card (can exchange for 800 Robux)

[📕 Rules ]

1/ Join this group chat on OnMic 👉: https://www.onmicapp.com/rayQn2

If above group is full, join this 2nd group: https://www.onmicapp.com/v6Bn6n

2/ Play UMO on OnMic and take screenshots of the “Game Over Page”.

3/ Share 1 screenshot in the above group chat “[Event] UMO & Get Robux”you’ll get 1 point. The more rounds of UMO you play & the more screenshots you share, the more points you’ll get.

“Game Over Page”

4/ Tips for you: share the “Game Over Page” screenshot on Facebook (Public post only) to all your friends and share your post screenshot in the group chat. It equals to 3 “Game Over Page” screenshots! (Every participant can use this for only once.)

Poster of UMO Event

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