[OnMic Event] Gifts for Ranking Top3

Time: June 6 – June 16

📚Rules: The top 3 users in the “All Game Rankings” (at 10 pm on June 16, Singapore time) can get gifts


[For the 1st place]: JBL Bluetooth earphones

Use this to hang out in OnMic!

[For the 2nd place]: Portable Bladeless Fan

Make your summer cooler!

[For the 3rd place]: OnMic limited T-shirt

Dress this and stay with OnMic!

Play hard and get gifts! Join Now~

Event group chat (join to follow the progress of the event)👇: https://www.onmicapp.com/7v6Bz2

[Help] How to check rankings?

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4 (Check your rankings here)

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