Online mini game rooms released!

Do you know how to create mini game voice room?

  • Guidelines:
1. Click “Quick Create” first to choose which game room you want to create.
2. Select the Mini Game that you want to play, then click “Create”, there you go!

Online Mini Game Rules

  1. Ludo


1. A takeoff will take place when you roll a six. Rolling a six also give you an extra turn to roll the dice. If you roll a six three times then your turn ends.
2. Tokens of different colors can kill each other. You will get an extra turn to roll the dice.
3. On the ending track, you can proceed only when the point is equal or is less than the distance from the end. Also give you an extra turn to roll the dice.
4. After picking up the prop ‘golden dice’, you must gain six when rolling.
5. Pick up the prop ‘magnet’ and automatically advance 8 squares until it is blocked by another token.
6. Pick up the prop ‘bomb’, automatically bomb 8 squares of targets in front, and eliminate the other token to the camp.
7. The classic game requires all tokens to reach the end, and the fast game requires only one token to reach the end.
8. At the end of the game, the more tokens reach the end, and the farther the tokens do not reach the end, the higher the ranking.

2. Bump!(To be released)


How to Bump
Slide your fingers to control the direction, and they will bounce back after collision. Knock your opponent off the court to eliminate him.

Size Rules
Every time you eliminate a player, you get bigger. The bigger the body, the stronger the impact.

3. Dart Ace (To be released)


1. There are 8 rounds of the game. No space to insert knife, the game ended in advance.
2. Random order at the beginning of the game.
3. Click any position on the screen to launch the flying knife, according to the hit position score.

4. Gomoku


1. A random player takes the lead.
2. Click the grid on the chessboard to determine the position and click the drop again.
3. The player who completes the five child connection first wins.
4. If you timeout 3 times in a row, you will be eliminated.

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