New version released! Dive into Gaming with ONMIC together!

Great news: OnMic is a gaming community based audio chat social application officially

Two pivotal features:

1. Gaming clubs:








We have the most trending clubs on OnMic, such us Free Fire, PUBG, Mobile Legends etc. over 100 clubs, even the upcoming game like PUBG New State club has been all set already.

In gaming club, you can post whatever you need(Tactics, Tutorials, Teamup), there will be feedback instantly from other gaming friends.

You can also call for help if you are in need, our gaming community are full of helpful and hospitable friends 🙂

2. Teamup Chat Room:

Create a voice room under the club to find gaming teammates the fastest! No matter when or where, you can always find people who share same interests, or same gaming level with you. You are a newbie? Want to play with a pro? No problem, you can find them on OnMic! You are a pro, only want to play with pro? No problem, there’s a pro channel for every and each gaming club.

You can also join any gaming topic room in the voice hall, play together or just observe as a visitor!

Cannot wait to download OnMic and experience the latest version already right? Click here to download OnMic for free now:

Contact if you have encountered any problems 🙂