New Rules of OnMic Games

Dear OnMicers,

We have released OnMic V 2.0.6 which is a Beta version. This version has launched a new set of game rules. As follows:

As you know, we have two kinds of currencies: Gold and Gem on OnMic.

So in the version of 2.0.6, we will give each OnMicer 200 Golds as the capital.

In games, we will have rankings. The first place will get 10 Golds each round, and the last place will lose 10 Golds each round.

When the total number of your Golds is less than 10, you can’t start a game on OnMic.

But Don’t worry! OnMic will give 50 subsidized Golds to you when your Golds are not enough. You can claim 50 subsidized Golds for 4 times every day.

[Double Rewards Period] 🎁

During 7pm-8pm (GMT+8, Singapore time) every day, gamers can get double rewards in games.

For example, the first place will get 20 Golds each round, and the last place will lose 20 Golds each round as well.

Please try to win more Golds, beacause Golds can be used to buy goods/items in the OnMic Mall. OnMic Mall is under construction now…Please expect that!

Hope you have fun on OnMic!

If you have any question, please contact: or send messages to Maki-Rain on OnMic