[New Functions] OnMic 3D Avatar and Task Center Released!

You’ll see there’re several new sections on the top part of the OnMic home page.

OnMic New Functions July 11

Having developed for a long time, OnMic finally released Mic Show-OnMic 3D avatar! (only available for Android device right now) You can choose a male image or a female image, but please remember that the gender can’t be changed after choose. Then, you can customize your 3D avatar according to your interests~

Create your 3D avatar

Currently, there are several sets of outfits to choose. But in the near future, you’ll see hundreds of different outfits. There’s 1 set of school uniform for free and you can exchange any outfits you like with OnMic Golds. Play OnMic games, then you’ll get numbers of OnMic Golds. You’ll always get what you like~ Go play OnMic games and get fancy Mic Show!

Mic Show Outfits

The best part is that when you play Werewolf game on OnMic, everyone in the game room will see your 3D avatar. This is a great opportunity to show other players your tasteful Mic Show!

The second important function is the brand-new Task Center. You can do daily tasks to get rewards. And when you get enough active value points, you can open the treasure chests that OnMic prepared for you~ Guess what you’ll get in those treasure chests? Don’t guess, just do it!

OnMic Daily Task Center

[P.S.] During July 11- July 31, there’s an event called one-game weeks which means there will be only 1 game during 1 week. It’ll last for 3 weeks, and the game is different each week. Therefore, maybe you can’t do some tasks during the event. But don’t worry! OnMic prepared secret rewards to make up for your loss during this time! Check it here 👇:

Update your OnMic version and try new functions now 👉 https://freeshort.link/ky2aGf

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us: support@onmicapp.com