How to Play with the Voice Room in a Cool Way! (For a host)(from A to Z)

The voice room is a vital function on OnMic. Some friends don’t know how to use/play with it appropriately, so today I’ll show you how to play with the voice room in a cool way.

1/ You’ll notice the “Quick Create” button in the Voice Hall page. Please click on the “Quick Create” button to create your own voice room.

2/ Then, you’ll see the page below.

*You can change the “Room Title” to whatever you want, like “Freefire gamers assemble!” to attract more new friends and so on.

*The Room Password is optional. If you want to know more new friends, please don’t set a password. But if you just want to play with someone you already knew, then set a password.

*The Gaming Type is optional too. If you know what game you want play now, choose a gaming type. Then people who want to play that game will notice your room and join you! But if you are not sure about the game you want to play, then just skip it.

3/ Now, your voice room is all set. You can change your room settings in this page as well. Just click on the first button (the lock icon) on the top. And then you can swift your room from a private room with a password to public room without one, vice versa.

*If your room is public, you’ll see “Speaking Mode” in the setting page. If you choose “Open Mic” mode, everyone who raises his/her hand can speak without your agreement. But if you choose the “Apply to speak” mode, they can speak only if you agree.

4/ How to invite people to join in your room?

* Click on the second button on the top. Then there are 2 ways for you to invite friends.

Way 1: you can invite your friends from outside by sending them a invitation link through other Apps, by message or mail.

Way 2: you can invite your OnMic friends directly.


*If your room is public to everyone, then people who notice your room may come in and chat with you. And our system will tell your friends on OnMic that you are now in a voice room. They will join you if they want.

*If you set a password for your room, don’t forget to tell your friends the right password.

5/ What will happen when someone enters your room?

*If your room is public, you’ll see them in the audience list. If you want them to speak, you just need to click on his/her avatar, select “invite to speak”. If he/she accept your invitation, you’ll see him/her on the stage.

*If your room is private, your friends enter your room with the right password and then they will appear on the stage directly.

6/Enter something in the box at the bottom and send it, then everyone in your room will see the message and chat with you in text.

7/ Click on the first button at the bottom, then you can adjust speakers’ volume and gaming volume separately. This function is super nice! Try it~

8/ Click on the second button at the bottom. You can check the complete name list of people who want to speak in your room and process those applications.

9/ Click on the third button at the bottom, then you can open or close your own microphone.

10/ Click on the forth button (3 dots) at the bottom, you’ll see a half screen.

[Functions introduction]

*Listen back: you can hear your own voice with this function on. But it only works with wired headset.

*Mute all: you can mute all members in your room with this function on.

*Close Chat Screen: No one can chat in the public chat screen in text with this function on.

*Settings: this works the same with the first button (the lock icon) on the top.

*gift: If you like someone’s speaking, you can send gifts to him/her on OnMic.

*Tips: you can find tips you want here.

*Guidelines: you can check OnMic Community Guidelines here.

*Report: If someone in the room behave badly, you can report it to use by this.

*Hit balloons: a mini game that you can play together with all members in your room! It’s really fun! Don’t forget to try this!

11/ If you want to stay in your room and do something else on OnMic at the same time, please click on the tiny check mark on the top left corner. Then, your room will shrink into a floating box. You can move the floating box to anywhere you want and do something else on OnMic.

12/ If you want to leave the room, there are two ways.

*Leave quietly: set a speaker as a host first (click on his/her avatar-Manage-Set a host), then leave quietly.

*Dismiss the whole room directly.

The voice room using tutorial for listeners & speakers is on the way~Please stay tuned!


Check how to kick out someone out of your room here: