[Event] OnMic Selfie Contest

In In order to make all OnMicers know each other better, OnMic hereby organizes OnMic Selfie Contest. Will you be the most popular OnMicer? Or please vote for the most attractive selfie to you!


1/ [Important] Join the official event group chat👉: https://www.onmicapp.com/faE3i2

2/ Take a selfie with a piece of paper with OnMic written on it. Send the selfie to above group chat and @Maki-Rain (the Admin). If you feel shy, you can send private message to Maki-Rain.

Example Selfie

3/ Maki-Rain will add your selfie to the “OnMic Selfie Contest Poll” 👇:

Please vote through this link

Please vote through above link👆!!!

4/ The owner of the most voted 3 selfies will get the rewards.


Participation Award (Everyone who sent a selfie can get): 3 OnMic Gems

🥇The 1st Place: 100 OnMic Gems & an Exclusive OnMic Poster (Will be showed on OnMic for 48 hours)

🥈The 2nd Place: 80 OnMic Gems

🥉 The 3rd Place: 50 OnMic Gems

P.S. OnMic Gems can be used to buy gifts to send others in game rooms/ voice rooms. And Gems can also be exchanged to OnMic Golds and buy MicShow clothes~


  1. Each winner can get only 1 reward. If more than 1 selfies of the same winner rank in Top 3, they can only get 1 reward. And the extra award will be postponed to the next participant.
  2. Only approved selfies can enter the voting session.
  3. Don’t spam in the official event group chat, or you will be removed from the group chat.
OnMic Selfie Contest