Big News! The Brand-New Version Is Coming Soon!

The whole App will be changed from head to toe in September. It will give you better experience and fresh you up profoundly~ So what will it look like? Guess it and get gifts~ [Gift] $10 Roblox Gift Card [Rules] The system will choose 3 participants who guess right to send the $10 Roblox Gift Card Open the Following Link and Guess Now! 👇 If you have any question, please contact:

OnMic Werewolf Game Designer Is You!

Please help make OnMic Werewolf a better game for everyone. Maybe the Werewolf Game Designer is you! We have prepared gift packages for each future designer~ Join now 👇 [ ⌚ Event Time ] Aug. 8 – Aug.26 [ 🎁 Rewards ] /Gift Package/: $10 Roblox Gift Card + 7 OnMic Gems /3 gift packages in total/ [ 📚 Rules ] Join this OnMic Group Chat: Share a screenshot of OnMic Werewolf game’s “Game Over Page” in above group chat. [IMPORTANT] Send your suggestion for OnMic Werewolf Game in above group chat. 3 people whose suggestions are adopted will receive rewards. [ Attention ] If there is no useful suggestion, there will be no “designer” chosen. Admin will announce...

[Event] OnMic Selfie Contest

In In order to make all OnMicers know each other better, OnMic hereby organizes OnMic Selfie Contest. Will you be the most popular OnMicer? Or please vote for the most attractive selfie to you! [📚Rules] 1/ [Important] Join the official event group chat👉: 2/ Take a selfie with a piece of paper with OnMic written on it. Send the selfie to above group chat and @Maki-Rain (the Admin). If you feel shy, you can send private message to Maki-Rain. 3/ Maki-Rain will add your selfie to the “OnMic Selfie Contest Poll” 👇: Please vote through above link👆!!! 4/ The owner of the most voted 3 selfies will get the rewards. [🎁Rewards] ❤ Participation Award (Everyone who sent a selfie...

[Event] OnMic Artist Contest

Scroll to the bottom to vote for the drawings [⌚ Event Time ] July 26 – July 31 [🎁 Rewards ] $10 Roblox Gift Card for the top 3 most talented artists P.S. Winners can choose to change the reward to a smart watch [📕 Rules ] Join this official event group chat 👉: Play Draw & Guess on OnMic and take a screenshot for the best drawing you did. Share your best drawing screenshot (should be a drawing in the OnMic game) in the above official event group chat. OnMic Admin will check your drawing. If it’s a good work, it will be added to the below “Vote for the most talented drawing” Poll. The “artists” of most...

[Influencer] Talk with YouTuber Celimush 2.0

[ ⌚Influencer Event Time ] 7pm-8pm, July 23 (Saturday) [ How to join? ] Join the event group to follow the process: Join the voice room when it begins (the voice room link will be shared in the event group~) Enjoy the talking time with this young and talented YouTuber! If you have any question, please contact:

[OnMic Event] Exploding Kittens Contest 🐱

Scroll to the bottom to check winners of this event [⌚ Event Time ] July 19 – July 24 [🎁 Rewards ] 🥇1st Price: JBL Speaker 🥈2nd Price: Smart Watch 🥉3rd Price: OnMic T-shirt [📕 Rules ] Join this group chat on OnMic to follow the process 👉: The top 3 users in the “Exploding Kittens Rankings” (at 11:59 pm on July 24, Singapore time) can get rewards. You can also check rankings from the home page. (Exploding Kittens is only available on Android for now) [ Tips for Newbies ]: Exploding Kittens Tutorial: 2. Exploding Kittens Game Rules: 3. More information about OnMic Exploding Kittens: Check all OnMic events in July, 2022 👇: [Attention Please] If the top...

[OnMic Event] Play UMO and Get Free Robux!

[⌚ Event Time ] July 12 – July 17 [🎁 Rewards ] The 3 OnMic users with the most points get $10 Roblox Gift Card (can exchange for 800 Robux) [📕 Rules ] 1/ Join this group chat on OnMic 👉: If above group is full, join this 2nd group: 2/ Play UMO on OnMic and take screenshots of the “Game Over Page”. 3/ Share 1 screenshot in the above group chat “[Event] UMO & Get Robux”,you’ll get 1 point. The more rounds of UMO you play & the more screenshots you share, the more points you’ll get. 4/ Tips for you: share the “Game Over Page” screenshot on Facebook (Public post only) to all your friends and...

OnMic One-game Limited Weeks

From July 7, OnMic will start the 3-week “One-game limited weeks”, for OnMicers can better gather together in one type of game! Week3 [July 25. – July 31]: Week of Draw & Guess Event 3: OnMic Artist Contest [July 26 – July 31] Check details of this event by the link below 👇: Past Events 👇 Week1 [July 11 – July 17]: UMO’s Week (Past Week) Event 1: Play UMO and Get Free Robux [July 12 – July 17] Check details of this event by the link below 👇: Winner Announcement of Event 1👇: Week2 [July 18 – July 24]: Exploding Kittens’ Week (Current Week!) Attention: Currently, Exploding Kittens is only available on Android device. iPhone users can play...

Play OnMic Games and Get Snacks Package😆

⌚Time: Jun.21 – Jun. 28 📚Event Rules: the top 5 participants will get the yummy snacks care package from OnMic. ❓ How to Join: 1/ Join this group chat: (Or message Admin: Maki-Rain to invite you in the group chat.) 2/ Play games on OnMic everyday, and take a screenshot of the “Game Over Page”. Share this screenshot in the above group chat. 3/ The 5 participants share the most different “game over page” screenshots will get the snacks care package. 4/ Tips for you: share the “game over page” screenshot on Facebook to all your friends and share your post in the group chat. It equals to 3 “game over page” screenshots! (Every participant can use this for...

[OnMic Event] Gifts for Ranking Top3

⌚Time: June 6 – June 16 📚Rules: The top 3 users in the “All Game Rankings” (at 10 pm on June 16, Singapore time) can get gifts 🎉Gifts: [For the 1st place]: JBL Bluetooth earphones [For the 2nd place]: Portable Bladeless Fan [For the 3rd place]: OnMic limited T-shirt Play hard and get gifts! Join Now~ Event group chat (join to follow the progress of the event)👇: [Help] How to check rankings?

OnMic Children’s Day Gifts for all!

Happy Children’s Day to you all! Whether you are a child or you were a child, you can equally get the gift! What are they? They are OnMic Children’s Day limited avatar frames. Snow White Princess frame for females and Prince frame for males. If you are a boy (male), but you want a princess avatar frame, you can realize it! Just change your gender in your profile~ 2. How to get the gift? Enter the Draw & Guess game room for 2 days in a row during Jun.1-Jun.5. For example, if you enter the Draw & Guess rooms on Jun.1 and Jun.2, then you can get the avatar frame. But if you enter the Draw & Guess rooms on...

OnMic UMO Festival

Hi OnMicers, OnMic UMO Festival will start at May 18. Time: May 18 to May 30 (GMT+8; Singapore time) Task: Play UMO on OnMic for 2 days in a row Rewards: UMO Mater avatar border 👇 Hope everyone have fun in UMO rooms! 💗 If you have any question, please contact us at:

Valentine’s Day Lucky Guy Winner Announcement!👑

Congratulations to MR_lonely and Overthewind! They are chosen as the Valentine’s Day lucky guys. We have given out mystery prizes to them. For MR_longly: $10 Roblox gift card For Overthewind: 85 Diamonds for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang More events are on the way~We hold an event once a week and prepare prizes for each event! Come to join~ In the future, We will have more generous prizes. Please stay tuned!

Who is the Valentine’s Day Lucky Guy? 💟

Today is the Valentine’s Day, and we prepare a mystery prize 🎁 for two special lucky guys! 🎉Rules: Comment this post👇 2. Chat in any voice rooms🎧 3. Do above thing within 2022 Feb.14-15 The OnMic Admin will travel through voice rooms and choose two lucky guys to send him/her a mystery gift!!! ✨Tips: If the admin sees your comment under the post, the chance of winning is higher! What are you waiting for, come and join!!!

How to Get the Valentine’s Day Avatar Frame?🌹

Hi OnMicers! The Valentine’s Day is coming, so we have prepared a surprise gift for you— “The Valentine’s Day Avatar Frame”~👇 It’s so cool, isn’t it? But not everyone can get this avatar frame😥. So how to get it? ⭐Tips for you: Add more than 5 friends during Feb.14-Feb.17 GMT+8 on OnMic, and you can get the superb Valentine’s Day avatar frame! To get it and use it!!!

Spring Festival Mobile Legends Lucky Draw

The Chinese New Year and Spring Festival is coming. In order to give back to OnMic users, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Lucky Draw activity is hereby organized. 🧧Prize: 3005 Diamonds (MLBB) * 2 lucky users 👌Qualification: Create or Join in a Mobile Legends voice room and take a screenshot. (Like this 👇) 2. Post this Screenshot in the “Lucky Draw” channel of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Club (Club ID: 254). 👍Tips: It must be a Mobile Legends gaming voice room. The more people in the screenshot, the greater the chance of winning. There will be more activities recently. Please stay tunned!✨

OnMic Roblox Voice Room Contest

Hi OnMicers, OnMic is going to hold a “Roblox Voice Room Contest”. The top 5 hosts will receive a $20 (USD) Roblox Gift Card each. The gift card can be used to buy Robux (1 gift card can buy about 1700 Robux)! COMPETITION RULES: 1/ From Jan.12th to Jan. 19th 2022, the top 5 Roblox voice room hosts with the most cumulative number of audiences will be awarded. 2/ The contestants must create a public room without a password. 3/ The contestants should post the screenshot or the room ID of his/her Roblox voice room in the [Roblox Voice Room Contest] Channel of the Roblox Fan Club (Club ID 544). The official administrators will check data in the background one...

Free Fire Lucky Draw Winner Announcement!

We have sent messages to the following winners on OnMic, please reply your Free Fire UID to us as soon as possible. [Attention]: The winners are picked by the machine randomly. So we cannot get the UID you wrote in the posts. First Prize–6900 Diamonds x1: Winddrops Second Prize–2200 Diamonds x3: GFF.Aashik YT?, Yogesh t r, YeahIam Third Prize–1080 Diamonds x6: RealLegends, D@rek magar, TARUN FF, ajay, Hasan Raza, karan Congratulations to all the winners!

Lucky Draw for BGMI Gamers 11.30-12.05

This activity is for BGMI gamers only QUALIFICATIONS: Rate 5-star for OnMic at google play store or app store Post your favorite OnMic feature in Lucky Draw channel under BGMI club on OnMic DURATION: [Nov.30—Dec.5] The winners will be reached out and announced on our official Facebook club: OnMic Official Fan Club. The winners will be announced on Dec.8. Come and join us now! Coming soon: We’ll also have LuckyDraw/Giveaway activities for other games in the near future.