A Letter to All OnMicers

OnMic changed a lot, but OnMic will become better and better for you all. 💗

OnMic V 2.0.52 has been released on May 6. There are only game rooms from now on. We know that you miss the old OnMic very much, because you’ve been with OnMic for a long time. OnMic sincerely appreciates your support!

What will OnMic become in the future?

OnMic will be a party games and social platform. There will be more and more fun board games added to OnMic. You will like them! Trust me~

If there are popular board games you want to recommend us to add on OnMic, Please contact wuyulun@onmicapp.com or message Maki-Rain on OnMic. We will collect your suggestions and write it down in the plan.

Thank you for supporting OnMic! OnMic loves you all!💕