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Product Introduce

MicGame is an online board games platform for gamers who want to meet friends or connect with homies.
There’re many quality games on MicGame: Exploding Kittens, UMO, Werewolf, Draw & Guess. Besides, you can customize your unique 3D avatar and buy outfits with Golds you won in games.

MicGame Games Introduction
●[Exploding Kittens] strategic card game. This game is all about cards, cats, bombs, and strategies. Is it against humanity? Check it now!
●[UMO] classic card game for fun with friends and family! Voice chat online while playing UMO. Enjoy party time anytime everywhere.
●[Draw & Guess] Pictionary game. Test how fast can you sketch? Draw & Guess is all about drawing and guessing words online with friends and families.
●[Werewolf] multiplayer social deduction game. Use special abilities to uncover the roles of other players and convince your fellow players to work with you.

Other Features
●[MicShow: 3D Avatar Creator]Create your 3D avatar – MicShow, decorate it and show your MicShow to everyone in the Werewolf game rooms. Try on trendy new collections or items, and buy them with Golds you got in games!
●[DMs & Group chat]You can send private message to friends on MicGame or create a group chat and invite all your friends in, and hang out together whenever you want. Or just join in official group chats, communicate with thousands of gamers/new friends, you’ll have fun~
●[Send gifts to friends]You can send hearts, lollipops or other gifts to people in rooms. If you respect someone or want to make friend with them, why not sending them MicGame virtual gifts? That will make you become familiar with each other in no time.
●[In-game voice chat]During the game, you can voice chat with everyone in rooms freely. Talk about daily lives, exchange opinions or just sing songs together~

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About us

MICGAME INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED was started in 2021. Our aim is to build easier mobile life with tech.

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